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Mother of Winter (Darwath)

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Einstelldatum: 02.04.2013
Autor: Barbara Hambly
Medium: Paperback
Zahl der Medien: 1
Verlag: Del Rey
Jahr: 1997
Seitenzahl: 380
ISBN: 0345397231
EAN: 9780345397232
Sprache(n): Englisch
Angeboten für 1 Token Mehrfachtausch: 3:1
(PLZ: 25336)
Versand, Selbstabholer
229 Besucher
3 - Ordentlich
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Five years after defeating the Dark Ones, the embattled inhabitants of the once-great Keep of Dare face a yet more deadly foe. An icy-cold force was spreading across the northlands, spawning strange creatures that killed everything in their grisly path . . .

Archmage Ingold Inglorion believed the source of this monstrous evil lay in the decadent lands to the south. With him traveled Gil Patterson, the scholar-warrior from Earth who had forsaken her own universe for love of the mage. Determined to aid him in his quest, she was cursed to become the instrument of his death.

Ingold's apprentice Rudy Solis was left behind, the sole wizard standing between the Keep of Dare and the nightmare creatures besieging it. Rudy struggled tirelessly with wavering magic to ward off the virulent attacks of the ice mage's minions. But when someone attacked the widowed queen--the woman he loved--Rudy was forced to plumb the ultimate secret locked in the black crystal heart of the Keep of Dare . . . and so decide the fate of the world

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