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The Lord of Middle Air

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Einstelldatum: 20.05.2020
Autor: Michael Scott Rohan
Medium: Paperback
Verlag: VGSF
Jahr: 1995
Seitenzahl: 252
ISBN: 0575060999
Sprache(n): Englisch
Angeboten für 1 Token
Versand, Packstation
96 Besucher
2 - Gut
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From the wilds of the Borders to the enchanting and terrifying lands of Faerie...

When young Walter encounters his kinsman Michael Scot, his life is changed for ever. Even in the turbulent Borderlands of thirteenth century Scotland, Scot has a fearsome reputation as a master of forbidden arts, trafficking with the demons of middle air.

Now he has returned from years of exile with the Pope's pardon and the favour of the Emperor, yet strange events still follow him.

When Walter's father is ambushed and killed and his own life is threatened by a powerful and dangerous necromancer, Scot appears to offer aid... but there is a terrifying price to be paid.

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