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The Travels of Babar

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Einstelldatum: 25.01.2023
Autor: Jean De Brunhoff (Autor)
Medium: Hardcover
Verlag: Random House Books for Young Readers
Jahr: 1962
ISBN: 9780394805764
Sprache(n): Englisch
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Babar and Queen Celeste have just been married in this early story from the most famous of elephantine chronicles. They depart for their honeymoon in a hot-air balloon, and at first all seems wonderful as they glide over a charming coastal town that might be St. Tropez before the advent of tourism. Alas, a storm takes them out to sea and then dumps them on a desert island. The fierce, spear-carrying "savages" who subsequently attack them will remind you that this book was written and illustrated in 1934: they are as far from politically correct as you can get. And the war between the elephants and the rhinoceroses, which ends the story, is also problematic for a modern audience. But the travels and adventures in between show all the excitement and charm that has made the Babar series an enduring hit. (Ages 2 to 6) --Richard Farr

In the second Babar story, Babar and Celeste set off in a balloon, beginning an exciting series of adventures. Escaping from savage cannibals, only to be trapped by a circus owner, Babar knows nothing of his home country’s escalating war against the rhinos. But with some help from the Old Lady, Babar returns in time to save the day.
This is vintage de Brunhoff--a must for Babar fans and a story sure to charm and engage young readers.

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