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The Crimson Portrait: A Novel

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Einstelldatum: 05.11.2013
Autor: Jody Shields
Medium: Paperback
Verlag: Back Bay Books
Jahr: 2008
Seitenzahl: 320
ISBN: 0316067180
EAN: 9780316067188
Sprache(n): Englisch
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Spring 1915. On a sprawling country estate not far from London a young woman mourns her husband, fallen on the battlefields of what has been declared the first World War...
But the isolated and eerie stillness in which she grieves is shattered when her home is transformed into a bustling military hospital to serve the war's most irreparably injured. Disturbed by the intrusion of the suffering men and their caretakers, the young widow finds unexpected solace in the company of a wounded soldier whose face, concealed by bandages, she cannot see. Their affair takes an unexpected turn when fate presents her with an opportunity: to remake her lover -- with the unwitting help of a visionary surgeon and an American woman artist -- in the image of her lost husband.
Inspired by the little-known but extraordinary collaboration between artists and surgeons in the treatment of wounded men in the First World War, The Crimson Portrait peels back layers of suspense and intrigue to illuminate the abiding mysteries of identity and desire.

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